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Financial Report

Consolidated Billing & Reporting

Our large client base and network allows for FPO Recycling to negotiate low rates for trash services.


We can lower your overall trash rate through negation and consolidate your billing to benefit your company by streamlining services, reporting, and invoicing.


FPO will act as a single point of contact to manage each subcontractor for the removal of refuse and rebates for recyclable materials, thus saving your business additional time and resources.

Data & Reports

When setting new sustainability benchmarks, it is essential to standardize data across your company’s portfolio.


Standardization of data allows for accurate measurement, so programs can be developed and evaluated.


Our program includes waste audits, data collection and reporting so your business can make meaningful impacts on the triple bottom line.  

Person Checking Data
Dump Site

Zero Waste

FPO Recycling can create a custom Zero-Waste program to manage any stream of materials.


FPO’s programs are developed by certified Zero-Waste professionals through design, practice and prevention, so that no trash is sent to landfills. 

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