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Recycling Facility

Organic Recycling


FPO offers a variety of food waste recovery programs and options that meet your individual business needs. Nationwide mandates are tightening regulations on food waste recycling incentives. With convenient, easy to use kitchen options like; cleaned, lidded containers that can easily be wheeled in and out, makes a perfect sanitary option for recycling food scraps. FPO also offers oil and grease recycling options. Multiple properties? Not a problem. We manage a vast network of food waste recycling end users nationwide.

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Restaurant waste
Food Distribution

Food distribution centers large or small FPO creates tailor made organic recycling programs aligned with your sustainability goals as well as operational needs. From packaged product destruction loads to providing roll off containers to capture organic scrap material we recommend various ergonomic options. We also provide options for liquids, sludge, fats, meats and dairy products.

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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores generally have a large waste stream comprised of food waste, cardboard, plastics, wooden pallets, kitchen grease/oil and solid waste. This is a big waste stream to manage! FPO helps consolidate this waste stream under one vendor. Multiple locations? – not a problem. Our vast network of food waste outlets, food recovery networks and recycling vendors can handle multi property and multi state grocery chains or distribution centers.

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Grocery Stores
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