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About Us 

Garbage Sorting

Our Mission

Providing sustainable solutions that increase the triple bottom line by adding value to the supply chain with efficient resource Management.

By partnering with industry leaders in, but not limited to, fibers, plastics and organic end users, FPO Recycling provides the missing links needed to divert waste streams. With a vast network of both international and domestic mills for fibers and plastics, we purchase commodities from our customers at top market value.

FPO Recycling strongly believes that organic recycling is the next generational wave in the industry. With more state regulation and tightening diversion enforcement, organic recycling is a primary focus of our business. By following the food waste hierarchy we ensure that humans and animals are fed through food waste recovery program channels before material is sent as compost or anaerobic digestion.


We strive to generate value in commodities at all levels and through collaboration, develop solutions for all waste streams.

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